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its 11:41 goen to sleep early for once hahh...went to school with a cold... coughing all day with blood almost comming up... lol jk... i have a cold with an asthmatic cough hahha... i mite go home early 2morrow... why do all the random forddam kids think im "hot" wtf... alex called me ugh so hot
im so not...oh i gotta go do art crap for that bird... shes so annoying and she mad ugly yoo. nah she cool homez...meghan imed me another remix ... haha she should make an albumm.. i needa cop dat disc yo
oh my god ... i forgot.... i played ex boyfriend revenger hahha
it was so funny
im so good... if neone needs to get an ex boyfriend back who cheated on u... im the girl to calll.... seriously i am... that shit was soo funny and people think hes gay now hahaha
i may have juss ruined his life??? nahhh maybe possibly who knows
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